A Bluetooth Speaker Built to Last

For quite some time, music was limited to bulky devices like radios, or cassettes, and eventually Walkman’s. It was not until the release of the first iPod in 2001 that music began to take on a new shape.

Conveniently to go hand in hand with the iPod, Apple had released the first version of iTunes 8 ½ months prior. This would mark the end of a non-digitized era. CD’s and cassettes would begin to take the backseat, as the world would begin to see mp3 and digital music technology move to new heights.

Bluetooth Begins

Continually as these things evolved, Apple began to release iPods with increased storage space, and consumers would soon always be looking to take their tunes on the go. Also in 2001, Bluetooth SIG Inc., beganthe development of their first hands free car kit, first laptop, and first printer. The combination of digitized music with hands free, wireless technology would create perfect synergy for music enthusiasts to take their music on the go, and to not be bound up by the need to search for outlets or untangle wires.

Eventually, Bluetooth speakers would come on the scene. These devices would often be chargeable and would offer extensive options of shapes and sizes with variations in quality. Soon, those interested would be able to pick and choose the perfect speaker based on all the places they love to go, and the things they love to do. For some, durability was the best option;for others, sound quality. Sometimes, it was best to have a speaker that was water resistant. Luckily, technology has advanced so much that it is possible to get all of these options in a single package.

Braven BRV Speaker Collection

Braven, a company founded in Provo, Utah in 2011, does a considerable amount of work in developing Bluetooth speakers that can withstand the toughest conditions. From the 12oz ‘BRV-1’ to the 18lb ‘BRV-XXL’, Braven does its best to create speakers that have excellent sound quality, while continuing to maintain durability for any condition.

All of Braven’s speakers are built to resist water, most with a IPX7 waterproof level. This means that the device can be guaranteed after being submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Battery life is another huge component in Braven’s BRV collection. In addition to the waterproofing, Braven BRV outdoor collection speakers all have at least a 12-hour battery capability. This is perfect for long trips where there aren’t many areas to recharge.

Apart from battery life, the BRV collection’s durability goes even further is drop proof and sand proof. This is perfect for any outdoor adventure.


The push for equipment that make outdoor experiences more exciting are becoming more and more of a popular trend. Companies like Eagles Nest Outfitters, GoPro, and CamelBak, just to name a few, are driving young people to get out and get active. Having music can make a tremendous difference in any kind of experience. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, and companies like Braven, it is possible to load up all your gear, including an entire digital music library, and head out for the weekend, wherever the wind leads.

Apart from having the BRV Outdoor Series, Braven also makes Bluetooth devices that are more chic and classy. These devices come in three different sizes and are primarily to be used as home audio speakers.

If Braven catches your ear with the variety of their devices, then brand loyalty is a definite possibility. Braven offers products that can be used in any setting. When the need rises to have music on the go, wherever you go, Bravenproducts push the limits to have you covered.

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